Priceless Viewfinder: VR
Role: Creative Technologist, Product Designer, UX Designer


There are a lot of benefits to owning a Mastercard, including exclusive events and experiences. The only problem is that cardholders just don’t know about them. 


As the brand that values experiences over things, we want to use a technology that fully immerses viewers - VR. 


Making it’s debut at the Mobile World Congress 2017, we created a Priceless Viewfinder. Circumventing the clunky experience associated with VR, we found a way to put our cardholders right in the action. 

(Case Study coming soon)

Melding old school equipment and new school technologies, we embedded a Gear VR into a custom-designed viewfinder.

We created an app to house our experiences. Gaze-tracking technology allowed users to select experiences to view. Specially designed directional speakers channeled sound directly into the user’s ears placing the user right in all the action. Headphone jacks were optional, as well.  

At the end of each experience, users were told that they could book by visiting - a dinner with Chef Ludo, golfing a hole with Graham McDowell, or a visit to the top of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

Future Goals:

Integrating the sales platform directly into the viewfinder. 
Masterpass integration.
More Work:
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