Mastercard’s Kid Concierge
Role: Creative, Front End Development, UX Design


How can we help Mastercard communicate its World Elite benefits - specifically the travel concierge services to their cardholders?


Children are creative forces of nature with wild imaginations not hindered by reality.  


In a social media activation, we demonstrated the benefit of Mastercard’s travel concierge service by accomadating to even the most whimsical dream vacations.


For this project, I acted as creative, ux designer, and frontend developer. I created 60 different pages on Tumblr - from the wireframe phase to development. 


Each page displayed a puppet song video and more information about the World Elite card. We wanted to be especially cognizant that there would be entries from other types of Mastercards as not to alienate these users; therefore, we included Priceless Cities experiences that were related to their child’s vacation idea that they could book. We also provided a link for more information if the user was interested in applying for the World Elite card. 

More information can be found here.** 

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