Role: UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Strategy, Pitching


How can we improve communication and build a stronger relationship with our clients?


As humans, we bond through sharing - our thoughts, our aspirations, our memories, our milestones. 


We developed Deck’d - a proof of concept web application that built off of pre-existing behavior that people already did to share ideas and news - tweeting. 


With the knowledge that most of our clients were on tabelets, we designed a tablet-forward user experience that would also be responsive.

We wanted our interaction to be engaging, addictive, exploratory, but also easy to navigate; therefore, we designed the UI so that users could swipe through tweets represented as cards in a deck to see different topics. User could explore each topic in detail by tapping the card to open it or by scrolling down without opening the card. Users were allowed to browse through two different views, one as a grid should the user look for specific pieces or another in a deck format, which encouraged exploration. 

Technology wise, we hoped to use Twitter’s API to pull tweets from specified Twitter accounts that also used a certain hashtag. The platform would aggregate those tweets and publish them according to style guidelines. 

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